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Multimedia Learning

Learn more about multimedia and its application to other important aspects of our lives. Discover how you can integrate various communicative and artistic channels into other media elements.

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Multimedia Services

Discover how multimedia services help people communicate and position their identity or business brand to a world ruled by automation and disruption. Learn about the distribution of multimedia services.

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Learn more about the many multimedia channels including audio, video, text and even modern technology media. Become a multimedia expert with us here at Silver & Ballard today.

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Top Multimedia Providers

Find out about the top multimedia providers here in New Zealand and overseas. Discover how they elevated the industry with years of extensive service and innovation.

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Creative Multimedia

Stay updated with the latest updates in the field of creative multimedia and how marketing agencies utilise it to produce some of the best media campaigns the world has seen.

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Animation, video, audio, content, text, images, vector, interactive media and more. Find out more about the future of multimedia and position yourself to be a great multimedia artist.

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Defining the Value

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The main value of multimedia is its massive contribution to how people communicate. Nowadays, people communicate with more than just audio and visual content. Multimedia elevated traditional communication to become a vital part in so many aspects of our lives.
Multimedia plays a role in the economy, in business, in school, in religion, in culture, in history, in healthcare, etc. Multimedia’s role in the society is to allow people to keep up with time and the many developments surrounding it. Multimedia is not limited to marketing as it helps people, businesses and organizations position themselves and the products and services they provide.

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