The Best Pokies Kiwis Enjoy Playing in New Zealand

There are hundreds of pokies out there you can play at land-based or online casinos. Pokies, by the way, are slot machines. You might confuse it for poker.

Most slot releases these days are going the extra mile in terms of graphic and interactive features. If you want to play some of the best pokies with great graphic design, here is a list for you. Slot away.

Mega Moolah

There is nothing ground-breaking about Mega Moolah in terms of gameplay. It has the usual features including a jackpot, free spins, scatter symbol, wild symbol, bonus rounds and multipliers.

But Mega Moolah is one of the top choices here in New Zealand because of its massive winnings and jackpots.

In 2015, one lucky player won $28 million and the jackpot today is much bigger. Mega Moolah is also known for its bright and engaging graphic design. Mega Moolah makes use of animals for its symbols and offers players a bunch of other surprises.

The design complements the simple yet engaging gameplay of the title. Mega is one of the all-time greats.

Jungle Spirit

Jungle Spirit is truly one of the best animal-themed slot titles out there. Animals are common in slot titles. Jungle Spirit’s original and authentic symbol designs make it one of the best titles there are.

The symbol designs paired with the exotic jungle setting is yet another masterpiece by NetEnt. What makes this game more appealing to players is its hidden content. As mentioned, the setting of the title is an exotic jungle and there are a lot of lurking bonuses and features behind trees and shadows.

Jungle Spirit’s features include the butterfly boost, free spins, medium win symbols, low win symbols and the symbol expansion feature. This title is a big hit among prime slots players. The game is simplicity as its finest with graphic design that does not only serve as visual content but gets players to engage.

Guns N’ Roses

Inspired by the legendary rock band of the same name, Guns N’ Roses is known for its graphic design and soundtrack. The game’s design is derived from the persona of the band and the many milestones they achieved in their amazing career worldwide.

The soundtrack, of course, includes the band’s greatest hits. Now, for the gameplay side of things, this title has 10x multipliers and 3 bonus features. You can enjoy 1 of these features randomly. Guns N’ Roses also offers quite the big payouts with a great RTP of 96.98%.

If you want to play any of these slot titles and more, you should check out online pokies. You can play these pokies right now using your laptop or smartphone. Enjoy the convenience of playing right at home.

Make sure to have some fun and make use of those bonuses and multipliers while marvelling at the brilliant designs of these great games.