7 April 2020

Write for Us

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Silver & Ballard is looking for young writers to join our team. We are about to start another written series in our magazine, and we need someone who can provide a fresh perspective about the rapid growth of multimedia in various industries.

Multimedia NXT

There is so much innovation in multimedia in many disciplines. The way people can capture, record, edit, revise and even manipulate data is on a whole new level than before. New technology, artificial intelligence, IoT and even robotics all pitched in to improve how multimedia is done these days.

We are looking for writers to share their own experience dealing with modern technology and disruption. We want to learn more about the status of outsourcing multimedia services to other countries and how it is helping businesses grow.

We want to learn more about the role of multimedia in the world of vlogging and how it elevated the channel into one of the most consumed media in the world.

Apply Today

We are now accepting applicants to join our online business magazine team. To get your name on the list, send us an email containing your most updated resume with your multimedia portfolio or website-portfolio.

Include a word document on particular topics you want to write about. If you want to write a couple of samples, we encourage you to do so. But we will assess your application based on the topics you present.

Silver Training

All successful applicants will be receiving the Silver Training program here in our headquarters in Dunedin. You will be taught by experts in the many fields of multimedia. You will get access to our many resources.

We hope to hire at least 10 writers to join our team. This is a once in a lifetime chance. Not for you, but for us to work with someone as talented and brilliant as you.